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Carey Baptist Exchange

Charlotte and I have arrived at Carey Baptist Grammar School on Monday. We met with Lee Rainey and had an orientation around the school and we have our yellow dresses which are a bit different from home. Yesterday we came back from the airport and I then off to a family barbecue. My family is super nice and I can't wait to spend six weeks with them.

Wednesday: At school everyone is practicing for house music right now in preparation for Friday. My house is Newnham and we are doing Dynamite for the song. All of the students and teachers are super sweet and friendly, I'm having such a blast already and I can't wait for the two weeks of camp where I will get to spend even more time with my new friends. I am doing some subjects that I don't do at home like Drama and Viscom and Literature, it is really awesome and interesting to try something different.

Friday: House music was awesome!!!! I got to school in the morning and my exchange host Lauren didn't have a partner because she was sick so I had to step in and learn the dance in one day! House music bought such a good vibe into the year and I think everyone enjoyed it. This weekend my host family and I are going away to Lake Eildon and hopefully the weather will get better and we can go out onto the water.

Sunday: My weekend was so amazing, the weather wasn't too good and the wind was quite harsh but when you were in the sun it was actually lovely. On Saturday we went out on their boat and Gerald (Lauren's dad) went wake boarding and me and the girls went on the tubes. The wind was actually quite harsh and that was what made you cold in the end. The water was fresh and felt very nice against my skin. They showed me around the area and it was gorgeous, the lake looked majestic like in a photo and I had some really lovely times with Lauren's family.

Kristin School Exchange