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Carey Baptist College Exchange

I have been in Australia for 11 days now, and attended school for 7 days, and I can say that the Australian accent isn’t one you easily get used to! School here in Australia has been really cool. It does have a slightly different feel to Kristin – Kristin being better of course. I have been on a trip out of school to do a mud run, which was a great day as I was able to meet people and get involved and show my Kiwi toughness. I had to race through one of the obstacles with the teachers – Aussie vs New Zealand – and the KIWIS WON!!!! I’m sure this will be a repeat for the Rugby World Cup Final. I am off to the Blue Mountains this weekend with my host family, which will be beautiful and we will be doing some walks. Oh and last weekend it was 31°C.  How nice is that?!


The Kiwi over the Ditch (Amara Labb)