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Australian Alumni Reunions

No matter where you go in the world, you never have to look far to find a Kristin connection. A quick jump across the Tasman, for example, unveils a vast network of past students and staff who maintain a strong connection with Kristin and each other through our reunion calendar.

For the past five years, we have hosted annual reunions in Melbourne and Sydney to connect with our trans-Tasman community. Our most recent events, held over two nights in May, continued this tradition by bringing past students and staff together; facilitating networking and new friendships while also delivering news from home. Executive Principal Tim Oughton and his wife, Heather, hosted the events alongside our Alumni Manager, Lucy Wilson.

Kristin Alumni Reunion 2018 MelbourneOur Melbourne guests covered a mix of age groups, from the class of 2001 through to our most recent graduates of 2017. School friendships form a strong basis within this local network; however, connections first established at previous reunions have strengthened over the years and the atmosphere is now one of shared history and familiar faces. Our newest grads, only a few months into their University experience, were welcomed into the fold and now have strong local connections to draw from as needed in the years ahead.

It was also a pleasure to welcome former Senior School Assistant Principal Justin Peat, attending the first time since he made the move to Melbourne 18 months ago.

Kristin Alumni Reunion 2018 MelbourneOne of the best things to come from the Melbourne event is the establishment of a small local Alumni committee, led by Lucy Bayliss and Callen Baxter of the class of 2013, who are keen to help plan and organise events and activities for the broader group in the future. If anyone would like to join this group, you can get in contact through our Alumni Manager, Lucy Wilson (, or connect directly via LinkedIn. We look forward to working in partnership with this team in the years ahead.

Our Sydney event was a wonderful night also. Although smaller than Melbourne’s, our Sydney guest list featured reps from the class of 1994 right through to 2013 and representing a wide range of industries, from finance and marketing through to education and engineering. There were plenty of opportunities to reminisce about favourite teachers, old-school antics, childhood friendships and days gone by.

Our Melbourne and Sydney Alumni groups have been great supporters of our Alumni Mentoring Programme, providing support to Kristin families who are looking at options across the Tasman. We encourage any Kristin families who are interested in finding out more about studying, working or living in Australia to contact the Alumni Office to discuss becoming involved in this programme: