Camp Week

Camp Return Information - Click Here (updated Wednesday 21 February)


8.10pm Wednesday 21 February.  Camps have enjoyed a good day of activities. Please assume the groups that are returning tomorrow are on time, unless otherwise advertised here.  Click the yellow highlighted section above for the camp return times.

11.15am Wednesday 21 February.  Two Year 9 Camps have returned or are in the process of returning to Auckland today - parents of those affected have been personally notified.  All other camps are proceeding with activities as planned.

11.50pm Tuesday 20 February.  Unless you have been personally informed otherwise, all camps are running as planned.

8.40am Tuesday 20 February. The weather today is being monitored closely by Kristin staff and external camp providers. Alternative activities have been deployed in some areas, as per our contingency planning, to ensure student safety and enjoyment.

5.45pm Monday 19 February.  All camps have enjoyed a successful day of activities.

8:30pm Sunday 18 February.  All camps which departed on Sunday have safely arrived at their destinations.

4:45pm Saturday 17 February.  Please click here>> for a letter to all parents from Tim Oughton.