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Geneste portlets

Geneste portlets

Kristin Family & Friends (KFF)

The KFF Committee is an active team of parent and staff volunteers who work with the school to organise social events and fundraising activities throughout the year. These include the Family Picnic, Balls for Parents and Friends, Art Exhibitions and the Graduation Dinner, as well as special one-off projects.

The KFF Committee meet at the beginning of each term. Subcommittees for specific projects are formed as required, these groups work independently reporting back at each meeting.


These parents play a key role in our school community by holding regular casual social events where they can meet and get to know other families and friends of their children.

Activities vary according to the age of the children - picnics, movie nights and dinners are an effective way of making everyone feel part of the school and especially important for those parents who are new to Kristin. In addition,  Coordinators will facilitate the organisation of groups of parents who would like to attend functions together.

Those parents who volunteer for the role as Coordinator are issued with a handbook, which enables them to work independently but within the framework of the school. Class Coordinators are responsible in the first instance to the appropriate Principal, and are also assisted and supported by our Director of Marketing Mark Reynolds. and his team. 

Parent Groups

As well as KFF, there are a number of ethnic parent groups at Kristin that meet regularly to exchange information and support each other in their first language. They also organise and support various school events such as the Family Picnic, International Language week and International Peace Night Concert. These parent groups also support international students who are away from their homes. There are Chinese, Korean and Japanese Parents Committees.

Prayer Group

The Mothers in Touch weekly Prayer Group is run through the school Chapel and Wellness Centre.
Email Rev Rodney Ramsay for more information and meeting times.

Connect with the KFF

Kristin Management

Tim Oughton, Morag Fryer, Nigel Wilkinson

Executive Committee

Nicky Shave - Chair - 027 270 2736 - Email Nicky
Christina Hoseason - Deputy Chair - 021 704 284 - Email Christina

Sub Committee

Jane Liu - Chinese Cultural - 021 102 2767 - Email Jane
Antony Thimbleby - Fathers Rep - 021 057 0875 - Email Antony
Claire Abel - Kindy to SS and Performing Arts - 027 487 5475 - Email Claire
Sarah Amos - Kindy/JS - 021 456 602 - Email Sarah
Lisa Linton - JS/MS - 0272 607 151 - Email Lisa
Julia Wei - MS and Cultural - 022 670 9480 - Email Julia
Chiara Gauld - MS - 021 288 1041 - Email Chiara
Rodd Eddy - MS - 021 577 788 - Email Rodd
Patricia Holden - MS - 021 885 267 - Email Patricia
Ganesh Raj - MS - 021 777 623 - Email Ganesh
Jeneen Harris - MS/SS - 021 560 081 - Email Jeneen
Loraine McInnes - MS/SS - 021 027 32340 - Email Loraine
Jo Bell - SS - 021 346 895 - Email Jo
Paul Stables - SS - 027 646 6215 - Email Paul
Cindy Beaudin - SS, Alumni Parents, Performing Arts - 021 250 7236 - Email Cindy
Lil Handey - SS and Creative Arts - 021 296 1997 - Email Lil

Cultural Committees

Jane Liu, Chinese Parent Committee Chair - Email Jane
Lois (HeeSeung) Lee, Korean Parent Committee Chair - Email Lois
Nely Golovkova, Russian Parent Committee Chair - Email Nely
Dalila Zaghal, Hispanic Parent Committee Chair - Email Dalia
Karoona Hira, Indian Parent Committee Chair - Email Karoona

2017 KFF & Coordinator Meeting Dates

Term 1: Monday 13 February, 2pm, Pacific Room - Coordinator Meeting
            Thursday 16 February, 2pm, Pacific Room, LIC - KFF Meeting
AGM:   Wednesday 5 April, 2pm, LIC Foyer
Term 2: Tuesday 17 May, 1.30pm, LIC Foyer - Coordinator Meeting
            Thursday 18 May, 2pm, Pacific Room, LIC - KFF Meeting
Term 3: Tuesday 1 August, 2pm, LIC Foyer - Coordinator Meeting
            Thursday 9 August, 2pm, LIC Foyer - KFF Meeting
Term 4: Tuesday 17 October, 1.30pm, LIC Pacific Room - Coordinator Meeting
            Wednesday 29 November, LIC Foyer (KFF Celebration)

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Geneste portlets

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Middle School Attitude Profile Awards
Wednesday 7th February
Senior School Academic Awards
Friday 9th February
Junior School Swimming Sports
Wednesday 14th February
Middle School Meet The Teacher Evening
Wednesday 14th February
KFF Class Coordinators Meeting
Tuesday 27th February
KFF Creative Arts Workshop
Tuesday 27th February
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