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Year 10 2018 Leaders Workshop

On the 22nd of November, the Year 10 leaders for 2018 had their first leadership workshop. In the workshop we had Mr Haslam talk to us about what being a leader means and what qualities we need to show. We also had three previous Year 10 leaders come and talk to us about their highlights and some of the problems they encountered during 2017 and how they overcame them. During the workshop we took notes in our books to help us grow as leaders and prepare us for the following year in our leadership roles. We then split up into our leadership groups and meet the people that we would be working with. In our groups we came up with goals and ideas that we want to achieve in 2018, we also came up with ways that we can make these ideas happen. Overall it was a very helpful and fun way to start off our new leadership roles. I can’t wait for 2018 and to see what the year brings.

By Molly Lewis