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Middle School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students

Year 7
  • Sarah Nie, Jorja Burr and Logan Sommerville for consistently displaying a positive attitude towards learning
  • Kevin Li, Renee Lee and Cindy Shen for their kindness and positive attitude in ELA
  • Jessica McCracken and Griffin Kilfoyle for being excellent role models and being selected as 7KHI Class Captains 
  • Sissi Fu and David Lou for their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn in their golf lessons
  • Fiona Rogan and Louis McKendry for their positive and consistent communication whilst belaying and climbing on the rock wall
  • Abby Jenkins, Tom Kurz and Jonny Sigley for their enthusiasm and participation in French
  • Sarah Nie and Noah Roadley for their focus and for challenging themselves to make complete sentences in French
  • Blake Dyer and Blake Swanson for an outstanding result in the Weekly Quiz and having a great attitude towards completing their homework
  • Melanie Tsui and Fiona Rogan for outstanding work in Maths and showing determination when the questions were challenging
Year 8
  • Naomi Harwood and Lorreta Wang for their excellent work preparing for the SGCNZ University of Otago Shakespeare festival
  • Ivy Doak, Briana George and Nicholas Wallace for challenging themselves and extending their sentences in Spanish
  • Lucy Bolger, Alexander McKean, Simmy Wang and Olive Wilson for their focus and participation in Spanish class, extending their spoken sentences and striving to only speak in Spanish
  • Olivia Sewell for a super fast and fantastic synopsis of the Year 8 performance for the school newsletter
Year 9
  • Kali Raj for a wonderful story time!
  • Emily Davies and Hannah Marinus for helping Mrs Hackett with a little job
  • Isla Sangl and Kali Raj for their excellent focus and collaboration in Drama
  • Leo Li for making an effort to always complete homework on time 
Year 10
  • Claudia Scott, Rachael Boardman and Olivia Reed for their positive, enthusiastic and friendly attitude, their thorough approach to work and for setting a good example for others
  • Izzy Gaze, Jade Butler, Tim Gunn, Emma Hoseason and Annie Zhou for their focus and quality work in Drama
  • Phoebe Dennis and Annie Zhou for their thoughtful contributions to group and class discussions in English
  • Ned Iversen, Christian Newey, Veronika Sevastyanova, Guy Williams, Angela Xu and Fiona Hua for creating informative and engaging presentations to their peers about their chosen aspects of pre WW2 German society
  • Christian Newey for his outstanding and thoughtful contributions to discussions in English. His critical thinking skills and textual knowledge shine through