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Ladakh Experience - Lamdon School

Today the students of Kristin School have had one of the most enjoyable experiences of the entire trip. Early this morning we took all of the students and leadership staff over to the main city of Leh. From just below the enormous Royal Palace that presides over this historic city, the group hiked though the oldest neighborhoods of Leh which seem very much suspended in time. The trail then ascended to the Royal Palace itself and then continued up to one of the most spectacular vantage points in all of Ladakh. The small royal monastery sits high above Leh and the steep uphill climb rewarded everyone with a crystal clear panoramic view of the entire Indus Valley and the Himalayan mountain ranges that the group will be trekking in later in the trip.

The group then hiked down the back side of the ridge line to the campus of Lamdon School. Mr Eshey Tundup, the principal of Lamdon School welcomed the Kristin students with a traditional silk scarf in front of the entire student body of 2,500 students and told them of the long and mutually beneficial friendship and alliance that flourishes between their two great schools. We then took the group to our clinic where they were briefed about the history and purpose of the clinic and given instructions in the tasks and responsibilities they will have over the next two days as they work with our dentists and vision specialists.

Kristin School Ladakh Expedition

After lunch at Lamdon School, Lama Paldan then took the Kristin group on a guided tour of two of the most significant Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh and explained the cultural significance and symbolic artwork of these historical locations.

By Bill Kite (Tour Leader)