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Junior School Speech Competition

We all enjoyed listening to our annual Speech Competition. As always, the speeches were original, entertaining and of an exceptional standard. From problems associated with animal cruelty and dilemmas about cross country, to being a middle child, wonderings about if animals could talk and handling people who pick noses in your company, there was a wide range of topics presented by twelve most capable, young speakers.

We were fortunate to have Mr David Nottage to adjudicate; never an easy task when the content and standard of presentations is so high. Mr Nottage captivated over 2,000 Toastmasters to win the ultimate pinnacle in public speaking, the World Championship for Toastmaster International. Our adjudicator was looking for originality, clarity and well-structured speeches, as well as how the audience engaged with each speaker. In his summing up, Mr Nottage said there was something that set the winners apart – the ability to be confident, have a strong message infused with humour and relaxed in their delivery.

Winner, Year 6 student, Daniel Martin, delivered an original speech about ‘How to survive and thrive in Junior School. Runner up in Year 6 was Leisha Govender, who gave an account of the conflict between her love of cats and Gareth Morgan’s viewpoint.

We were also very impressed with the content and delivery of our Year 5 winner, Georgie Miller, on her heroine ‘Dr Michelle Dickinson’ aka Nano Girl and runner up Hannah Kim who discussed the important topic of reading for pleasure.

Kate Wyber and Bowen Zheng were outstanding presenters. Our audience also enjoyed the half time quiz about famous speeches throughout the ages.

We congratulate all the superb finalists who presented their speeches beautifully, by involving the audience with rhetorical questions, excellent voice projection and concluded their speeches by leaving the audience with something to think about.

The outstanding finalists were:
Year 5
Georgie Miller ‘Dr Michelle Dickinson’- Winner
Hannah Kim “The Pleasure of Reading”- Runner Up

Miqi Su ‘Surfing’
Harrison Fulop ‘Rainbows’
Alana Walker ‘Nose Picking’
Klara Collett ‘Cross Country’

Year 6
Daniel Martin ‘How to Survive and Thrive in Junior School’ -Winner
Leisha Govender ‘Cats vs Gareth Morgan’- Runner Up

Indy Marshall ‘Indy in the Middle’
Gabriel Froggatt ‘Bean Boozled’
Mina Zhang ‘Circus Animals’
Jayden Wang ‘If Animals Could Talk’