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Future Problem Solving - We've Arrived

Future Problem Solving Makes NCEA history marking look non-ambiguous. The international director does not know what it is about, and neither do the New Zealand national champions. Hence we will be travelling to middle America (the world capital of no gun control laws) with little idea what to expect.

Upon arrival in the USA we were greeted with a two-hour passport control queue, however not even this could dampen our high spirits after receiving an extra hour to play ‘bang bang blaster’ while our aircraft was holding on the tarmac.

The Green Tortoise hostel (San Francisco’s #1 party hostel) has been fairly decent so far. The location in the centre of down town San Francisco is a short walk from Chinatown and the Italian Precinct. The general consensus about our accommodation has been positive, however the carpet is borderline dangerously unhealthy. Several hours of study (arguing what FPS actually is) were completed whilst watching the NBA finals today. Work ethic was on point following our insightful visit to Alcatraz highlighting the glum existence that will await us if we fail academically and turn to a life of crime. My low light of the day was walking into a wall whilst becoming heavily distracted by the audio tour. Tomorrow morning we all intend to get lactic acid build-ups in our knees from jogging the 1/3 gradient streets surrounding us. It has dawned that we are missing a quarter of the days this term for this trip, so putting some time into school work is on the agenda.

By Joe Gauld