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Geneste portlets

Geneste portlets

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Future Problem Solving - Sightseeing

After the last few days of early wake up times we were able to get up slightly later today at 9 o’clock.  We started to explore the city of Chicago which borders Lake Michigan is the second largest lake in North America after Lake Superior. Today we traveled along the water ways and were privy to an explanation about the history of the city and the significance of the buildings that surround this city. In addition we were able to see the sky line of the city something that everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed.

Something that hindered our exploration of this amazing city was the rain and it made us think that we were back in New Zealand rather than enjoying summer in America. Today we planned to go to the Cubs game in Wrigely stadium but our plans where hindered by tornado and flash flood warnings which would have made it dangerous to travel. This meant that we had to stay in the hotel rather than experience the excitement of the cubs and immerse ourselves in the sports culture of America. In all the whole group enjoyed today even though the weather seriously let us down I think that we all wish that we could spend another couple of days in this beautiful city.

By Rohan Naik