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Future Problem Solving - Ode

The fat flattened farmland of middle America
Flashes of yellow and brown
desaturated before my eyes as fatigue merges with sweat to drip
Endless lands of food production
The supply for an infinite demand
For tis the land of need and want
We're in
Rustic red with sudden energy darts across the window panes with slits of light between each pacing cart
And back to grassy plains and dirt
Shudders from a distant compartment
Lead my gaze from maize to past days
I pull out my phone
No service
I flick through my photos with regained interest as memories revive to be relived
There's joe squatting in front of Taco Bell
And China Town
And the church of scientology
And Taco Bell
A Jolting judder indicates our stationary momentum
The loudspeaker, with an accent i have yet to comprehend says
"Hi folks we've broken the windscreen wipers. Just 3 hours till repair and we'll be back on the rails"
I return to my visual time capsules in pixel format
The golden gate bridge in all its enormity and grandure holds up a layer of residing fog
And Ian looks as if to hold the bridge
What a pose
I crack a smile to see the size of our ice creams in Sausalito
As big as all food in this larger than life country
But deservedly so given the skill of our biking venture across the bridge
My head bleeds lost sleep into the pillow next to me
And as i drift off i know that more excitement for the Kristin FPS group can be the only result of the future.

By Oliver Denny