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Future Problem Solving - Homeward Bound

The FPS conference is over. We were fairly pleased, aware that some key components had been done to a high standard. Having seen the marking, we were well pleased with our efforts, sixteen challenges, an underlying problem, solutions and a sell structured action plan. All completed in two hours.

We were stunned with our success in the other major part of the competition – the presentation of action plan, a more practical component of FPS that requires competitors to present their ‘action plan’ (completed in the booklet) in the most straightforward and interesting way possible.

Although we thought that many of the other dramatic action plans were great in this category, we took it out, gaining first place and subsequently presenting our action plan to the whole conference at prize giving.

We were in for another wonderful surprise on the final day of the competition. Rocky and Oliver had competed in the mixed affiliate section of the booklet competition. They had to work with top students from around the world that they had just met and complete a booklet within the allocated time slot. Both students had thoroughly enjoyed the experience but were astounded when Rocky's team were announced as the division winners and Oliver's , runner up. This means we now have three large trophies to transport back to school.

Alongside competing and preparing for the formal elements of the conference, we spent a lot of time meeting people and making new friends. This culminated in our attempt to audition for the conference’s variety/talent show. We planned a musical extravaganza involving the Kristin team, New Zealanders, Australians and Americans. Unfortunately our audition was unsuccessful – likely due to politically inappropriate jokes. Some humour does not translate well! Nonetheless it was fun to put it together and we made some great friends along the way. We certainly made our mark as " the Kiwis from down under".