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2020 Middle & Senior School Production – Joseph

In early August of 2020, Kristin’s Middle and Senior school students combined to create a spectacularly unique concert production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. An interschool production had not been seen at Kristin for a decade; ironically, since the last staging of Joseph in 2010.

Of course, this special concert production was never on the cards for 2020. Following the prior cancellations of the originally scheduled shows, Joseph: In Concert was conceived and executed in just over two months. This seemingly impossible task was made hugely successful thanks to an extremely committed Production Team, and the dedication, talent and passion of our 150 strong student cast, crew and band. With the show originally written in 1968 by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to be staged as a concert by a school, previous productions ten and twenty years ago in 2010 and 2000, and the positive and uplifting message that the story conveys, Joseph: In Concert was the perfect solution for offering our students and community a theatrical experience when it was needed most.

This treasured production has highlighted, more than ever, the true spirit of Kristin Performing Arts. Students from Year 7 to 13 banded together as one company – not limited by school year or age – with seniors leading by example as incredible role models, both on and off stage, and the younger students inspiring those older than them with their maturity and theatrical skill. The Production Team, made up of community members and staff from all three schools, generously offered their time and expertise in so many areas to create magic in excelsis. Professionalism was upheld at every step of the process by all involved. I offer my eternal thanks and gratitude to everybody who made this production dream a reality, and who have left their remarkable legacy on our Kristin Auditorium stage for the next generation of student performers, technicians and musicians.

It was an extreme privilege to be able to present Joseph in such a turbulent period, and that gratitude increased tenfold when Auckland entered the second government mandated lockdown just three days after closing night. It felt as if the stars had aligned to give everyone a much-needed dose of positivity. The community feedback was tremendous, and a small selection of special comments are below, from alumni, parents and staff, past and present:

“It was a slick, professional performance with so much energy, excitement and of course colour! Definitely a worthy successor to the legacy of 2000 and 2010!”

“Words escape me, just unbelievable. Speechless. The show just brought so much joy to everyone who was there to witness it, in what has been a trying year.”

“The pure joy that radiated out of the stellar cast was so moving and contagious. The gift of song and the gift of music made such a huge difference to so many people last night and hope is alive again in many a discouraged heart.”

“What a magical show.  I loved every minute – so well imagined and brought to life with colour and energy and of course the supremely talented cast.”

“It was truly a moving and spectacular event.”

At any point of time, even in the darkest moments, theatre can always remind us, as Joseph so eloquently does, that “any dream will do”.

Hamish Mouat
Artistic Director of Major Productions

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