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Epic Year for Euphony Continues...

Euphony competed last week in the NZ Choral Federation’s National Finale held this year in the Dunedin Town Hall. From a pool of over 200 regional secondary school choirs, there were 24 selected to participate in this year’s National Finale. Euphony with its 47 members did a stellar job of delivering five pieces in two recitals winning Silver and the Youth Ambassadors Trophy by showing their friendliness and overall spirit of the festival.

This year has been an epic success for Euphony with their tour to Europe, competing in Budapest, winning first in the Sacred Text category, and also winning awards from Auckland Regionals including Best Upper Voices Choir, Adjudicator’s Choice and best Acapella piece for the festival. All the best to the Year 13 students Georgia, Alyssa, Olivia F, Olivia B, Amritha, Frances, Nora and Vicky. We will miss you. Thank you to staff: Mr. Squire, Gracie Francis, Juan Kim, Mr. Duirs and Mrs. Bennett.

“This year has been filled with so many amazing memories from Europe, Regionals and Dunedin. We have been lucky enough to not only compete with some amazing choirs from around the world and in New Zealand, but also get to listen and meet these people who share the same interest as us. We have made many amazing memories that I will never forget this year and I feel privileged to be able to share them with such an amazing group of people. We are so lucky to have been able to travel to these places as well as perform in some amazing venues. Euphony will definitely be a highlight for me when looking back over my middle and senior years at school.”

by Georgia Tobin-Vile, Year 13

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