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2018 Masterclasses at Kristin

Missed one of our awesome Masterclasses? Would like to watch the video of the event as a refresher? It's all here!

Dr Stuart Shanker presents... Self Regulation. Understanding Stress and Managing Tension & Energy

On 27 September 2018 Kristin School was proud to host DR STUART SHANKER, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology at York University Toronto and CEO of the Self-Reg MEHRIT Learning & Information Centre.

Dr Shanker presented a Masterclass on 'Self Regulation – Understanding Stress and Managing Tension & Energy'

To view Dr Shanker's presentation click here>>

'Set up your Tweens and Teens for Independence and Success' presented by Yvonne Godfrey

Yvonne Godfrey has helped hundreds of young people successfully transition from youth to adulthood. She gets results, even with the most difficult cases, as seen on ‘The World’s Strictest Parents’ where her episode has over 3 million views. Yvonne is:

  • An award-winning speaker and author
  • Author of ‘Making It On My Own’ and ‘Parenting Yadults’ (young adults)
  • A weekly radio and regular TV show guest
  • Founder and Director of MIOMO – ‘Making It On My Own’: the 4-day Life Skills and Independence Programme for young adults aged 16+ 

Be inspired and challenged by Yvonne’s wise, witty and common sense approach to parenting. Find out why your parenting style may not be working and how to make a fast breakthrough. Learn some simple and easy ideas to inspire your tweens and teens to be self-motivated, and how to impart the right values without them rolling their eyes at you.

To view Yvonne's presentation click here>>

'Getting Grit' Presented by Caroline Adams Miller

On 19 September we were honoured to present Caroline Adams Miller, author of Getting Grit, who talked about the evidence-based approach to cultivating passion, perseverance and purpose. Caroline's presentation can be viewed online below.

To view Caroline's presentation click here>>

'Spoonfed Generation' presented by Michael Grose 

It's well established that parents currently do too much for their kids. Before driving their kids to school each morning most parents wake up their children and make their breakfast and lunch, before reminding them to get dressed and brush their teeth. All this may make for an easier life at home but it encourages children to be dependent on adults for longer. This is the exact opposite of what parents have done in the past, which is to develop their children's independence and achieve the most important parenting outcome of all – their own redundancy.

There are a number of reasons for this high level of dependency parenting, including family shrinkage, older parents, busy lives and a heightened fear that the world is a dangerous place for young people. While terms such as ‘helicopter parents', ‘bubble-wrapping kids' and ‘over-parenting' are now commonplace, they are unhelpful and offer little direction for parents.

In Spoonfed Generation, Michael Grose – one of Australia's leading parenting educators – explains the importance of children's independence and the vital stages to letting go. Never before has a generation been so dependent on their parents; now it's time to remove the spoon and put it back in the drawer.

To view Michael Grose's presentation please click here>>

'Glow Kids' presented by Dr Nicholas Kardaras

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an internationally renowned speaker and one of America's foremost addiction experts who believes screen addiction is highjacking our kids.

We have all seen young people today staring hypnotically at their phones as they walk around the mall, home from school and in some cases at the dinner table at night. What are the costs of this? In his clinical work with adolescent's Dr Kardaras began to notice that many were suffering from a screen induced malaise and other mental health concerns as a result of their screen dependence. Watch the presentation to hear how screen time can effect the adolescent developing brain, how to recognise the symptoms of dependence and how to support your children to use technology to their advantage within your parental boundaries.

To view Dr Kardaras' presentation click here>> . To view PDFs from Dr Kardaras' presentation click here >>

Resilience - Presented by Dr Lucy Hone

On 27 June we were honoured to present Dr Lucy Hone, who talked about Resilience and how we develop it in our children. Lucy's presentation can be viewed online below.

To view Lucy's presentation click here>> To view PDFs from Lucy's presentation click here >>

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