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Year 10 Base Days 10.2

Our Year 10 Base days this week have been an a culmination of four years, where our students have explored their own personal development and critically reflected on their character, values and belief systems in a safe, supportive environment. Yr 10’s were asked to put their character and many valuable skills, such as communication, organisation, collaboration, empathy, etc to the test, by designing a fun engaging day of activities for primary school children. Rise Up Academy along with Glenfield, Beach Haven and West Harbour Schools were all involved and the goal of the day was giving each child fun, interesting experiences whereby they learned new skills. Every tutor group made the day a success, with our students being responsible and giving a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to the many children they were in charge of.

One highlight was the haka many primary schools performed and they taught our students some aspect of their own culture as well. Everyone involved felt this was a worthy day of learning and Beach Haven Deputy Principal Anoushka Dallow emailed “Thank you!! We really enjoy the relationship we have built with you. Wish we could do it more often!”

We were very proud of the way our students stepped up and took responsibility, often getting outside their area of comfort. Student reflections from the day suggest that meeting new people and learning more about other cultures was a highlight and they enjoyed making the children smile for the day. We look forward to continuing to build a strong partnership with these schools in the future.

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