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Volunteering at Aria Gardens

The Year 10 Community and Service Leadership team visited Aria Gardens Retirement Home. We took some delicious baking and went along for an hour or so, spending time talking to the residents.

One of the team members brought her dog, Ted. He was a huge favourite and could be seen relaxing on many laps. It was an amazing experience to just sit and listen to these lovely people talk about their lives and all the experiences they had gone through. Not only did they talk to us, but they were also very interested in who we were. Sally and Fiona gave the residents a treat by playing the piano. This impromptu performance was well received and one which we will repeat next time we visit.

Arriving back at school, we reflected on our visit. Volunteer work throughout the community is very important; it is stated that the plague of loneliness and boredom are what contributes to the often stereotypical decline in quality of life in retirement. It was a real joy to try and combat these problems. It is often overlooked at how a conversation can drastically make one’s day.

By Jacob Siohane-Royle

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