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Year 9 Conditioning Training

The Year 9 academy class for 2017 looking ready for action in a trial BLK top for Sports and PE.

The class has been working hard on core strength and conditioning as they all prepare for their different sports.
All students have been through individual training programmes and tested on their performance during the first term.

We are pleased to report that the group has shown some good gains across the various tests.
In the latest table click here you can see these gains from the YOYO (similar to the beep) test completed the first day back this term.

The YOYO is the standard measure used in sports science for overall fitness. We are delighted with the Athlete Development (AD) programme and the work of Andreas Fossum in setting this up.

More importantly the group as a whole has worked extremely hard and accurately with a positive attitude to perform.

Well done to all.

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