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Tuesday 17 August, 6:00pm

Kristin Campus is Closed under COVID-19 Level 4 Conditions.

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Light vs Dark - A story of Diwali

Last week, the Year 7s were lucky enough to watch a performance by the Auckland Theatre Company based on an Indian myth, Rama and Sita, this gave us an insight into Diwali.

The story was about an Indian Prince named Rama who married a Princess named Sita. She was captured by the ten-headed king and many years later she was rescued by Rama and the monkey king.

The show was amazing! We were all engaged and really enjoyed it. The actors were very talented. They used audience participation to make the play more exciting, we all loved this opportunity. The live music and sound effects made the show come to life and the way they used the props was creative and at times, humorous. The costumes were designed in traditional Indian clothing, so bright and colourful.

We are learning about myths and legends in English this term and this play helped us understand one of the two important Indian myths. My favorite part was when Princes Sita was rejecting all her suitors at the start of the story.

By Daniel Balla

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