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Detectives in Action

One Thursday at the beginning of November, Year 2 became Coastal Biodiversity Detectives.

Our transdisciplinary theme is ‘Sharing the Planet’ and we boarded two buses bound for Long Bay Marine Reserve. On arrival, we were met by two lead detectives, Liz and Anna from Auckland City Council. Our first job was to explore the reserve and beach area to look for clues about the different living and non-living things. Our findings were collected in buckets and then looked at very carefully using special magnifying glasses. After that we moved in on the rock pools. We had to stay clear of the cliffs and negotiate a fast-flowing stream to get there. The rock pools were full of evidence and we discovered that taking time to look closely was the best approach.

“We found starfish, hermit crabs, sea snails and slimy things” said Detective Tanner. All evidence was left behind for further analysis. Our work was done, so a visit to the playground was a well- earned break. We know we’ll be back with our families soon to make even more discoveries.

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