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Community Meals from the Middle School

The Year 9 Food Technology class has been working hard all last term to meet some of the dietary needs of local senior citizens. The students made frozen meals for a targeted group of senior citizens in the local community. The process began with the students learning about the nutritional needs of the elderly. They then interviewed their clients to find out about their specific needs. In groups, the students worked to trial and test recipes that would be suitable for freezing and reheating. In the holidays the meals were delivered and feedback forms distributed. Last week the two Year 9 classes returned to their clients to get their feedback.

Most of the students in the class were aged 14 and their clients were very impressed by their cooking skills. The students built up a lovely relationship with their clients and the senior citizens were always excited to hear from them and looked forward to their return visits. The senior citizens loved sharing their knowledge, advice and stories with our students. Our students were also able to share their cooking knowledge and even computer skills with some of the senior citizens. The students took their roles very seriously especially with the senior citizens who had very specific dietary requirements.

The whole process was very beneficial for all and created a great inter-generational link for our students.

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