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Year 5 Tiritiri Matangi Trip

What a wonderful day we had visiting the bird sanctuary Tiritiri Matangi. We wandered through the bush listening to and spotting some of the rarest New Zealand birds.  The volunteer guides were so knowledgeable. We even saw giant wetas!

Ms Marsh asked us to think about what bird on Tiri we would choose to be and why.  Here’s what some of us said:

  • The Fantail because it’s so pretty and delicate.  Tiffany
  • A bellbird because I have a beautiful song and I have colours for camouflage. Holly
  • The Kini because they are rare and hunt at night. Chrystal
  • A Pukeko because I would have no predators on Tiri. Josh
  • A Whitehead because it’s pretty and I love it’s size. Ulyana
  • I would be a Bellbird because they are chubby and cute. Cadan
  • A Takahe because everyone thought they were extinct but it’s not. Dylan
  • A Kiwi because they are the most protected thing in NZ. Cooper P
  • A Fantail because they’re very sensitive and when they hear prey they can quickly fly away to safety. They also have magnificent tails. Hannah
  • A Kereru because it’s fat and I love the colours of it. Arthur
  • A Kiwi because they’re really attractive and everyone looks at them. Takuma
  • The Takake because the Takake is “boss”. Torrin.
  • A Tui because they’re really good at tag. Aryan