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Who we are in 1P

Our journey is just beginning as we come to the end of our first term in Year 1. We are working on gaining independence as we organise ourselves for our school day. Like social butterflies we forge and form new friendships happy to be part of different groups. “Have a go”, “just keep on going”, “never give up”, “just do your best” are the words we use to encourage ourselves and others.

Our curiosity is the fuel for discovery, inquiry and learning. Our mistakes are the proof that we are trying and that we have no fear that we might be wrong. We are children and we are not built to be still. We learn by engaging the world with our whole body. We need motivation, problems to solve and adventure. We need to do, we need to experience and then we learn.

Term 1 has been filled with discovery and exploration. We are learning to read and love books. We are authors who can put their ideas down on paper. We can manipulate numbers to solve problems. We make, design, build, draw and paint. We are thinkers and doers. We are 1P.