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Performing Arts - a bridge to self expression

by Tim Oughton, Executive Principal

Whether in the spotlight or the wings, behind a microphone or the lighting desk, there is something for everyone in the Performing Arts.

In a technology driven world, the Performing Arts continue to provide a bridge to self-expression. Connections through performance, can speak volumes, transcend barriers, ignite the senses and touch the soul, without a word being exchanged. Through a range of Performing Arts opportunities students can learn to truly express themselves, thereby discovering a sense of themselves in the world - of their potential to explore, to create and to communicate.

At Kristin, excellent music, drama and dance programmes are offered through the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, NCEA and the International Baccalaureate. Annual performance events include productions, music and drama festivals (on a regional and national level), dance performances, concerts and multi-cultural celebrations. Kristin is proud of a tradition of excellence and an outstanding reputation in the Performing Arts. Whatever the discipline of choice, the experience is certain to be unique and enriching for every student who chooses to become part of a Performing Art.

Over the past six months the cast and crew of our Senior School recent outstanding production “Hairspray” have been working together with a common purpose – to maintain the standard of excellence that has become the hallmark of Kristin productions. They succeeded and then some! When I visited the make-up room to see just how the “hairdos” were being constructed (because that is what they were – pieces of art in themselves!) I marvelled at the palpable sense of community that existed within the room. Younger students “combing up” older students’ hair, parents slaving away on sewing machines and in the wardrobes, musicians tuning up, and actors getting made up by a large and diverse team of people. It was an impressive Performing Arts community.

More than 2,500 people came to see the production of Hairspray, both from our school community and the wider Auckland community. It is a true example of how Performing Arts can bring us closer together.