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France - Camp Week

This week, Meredith, Jenna and I journeyed into the south of France for camp. It was nearly a 4 hour train trip to Bordeaux with scenic views of the French countryside and then an hour bus ride to Temple sur Lot where the camp was located. We unpacked our things in our rooms and got started with our first water sport, which was kayaking. Throughout the week in the afternoons, we participated in various water sports that consisted of kayaking, canoeing, rowing and a trip on the ‘dragon boat.’ Each day included an educational activity also that helped the students with their studies.

On Tuesday we went on a bike ride to an apple farm and learnt how apples are harvested, and had a taste of the different varieties. Wednesday, we went to a museum and it was quite hard to understand what was being said, however, we wrote down any words we recognised when the leader was speaking. Later that afternoon we visited a garden where lilypads are cultivated and although it was difficult to understand, we had a great time and enjoyed seeing the garden of lilypads. On Thursday, we visited a hazelnut farm where we learnt how hazelnuts are grown and then sold as different products like spreads, biscuits, hand creams or just hazelnuts. We arrived there after a short bus ride, and we sat outside whilst a lady explained how the hazelnut farm works. After that we went inside and got to taste different delicious products that they had made using their hazelnuts, and then we were let into the shop where Meredith, Jenna and I bought numerous items.

That evening, we were told it was a fancy dress night which surprised us as our school camps at Kristin are very different and everyone had brought fancy dress outfits to wear. After dinner that night, everyone gathered in a hall by the lake and we played a game where the organisers would play a song from a movie and everyone would try guess the movie. Most of the songs were from french movies and Jenna, Meredith and I didn’t know most of them, however, it was still fun to watch. After that they played some music and everyone danced for a bit. On Friday morning, after breakfast, everyone except Meredith, Jenna and I had to do an assessment and after that we departed.

We had a really great time this week at camp and made so many new memories with new people. It was a very different but amazing experience and we’re looking forward to making more of these memories.

By Anna Wallace

Kristin School French Exchange