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ເນດ໋ເຕັດ ພ໋ອດເລັດ

ເນດ໋ເຕັດ ພ໋ອດເລັດ

Base Day

Base Day is part of the broader curriculum designed to nurture the personal growth and development of every young person in our four year programme. The term ‘Base' refers to a ‘foundation' whereby students are exploring their identities, values, character, relationships and beliefs in a safe, fun learning environment with their peers and tutor teachers. These are all essential foundations of any young person and must be nurtured and developed as they move from childhood into adulthood. Base day activities are designed with student wellbeing and personal growth at the core, with each year level spending two full days together with their tutor class both in school and off site locations.

Year 7: Exploring Identity

7.1: Our first Base day is spent at the Browns Bay Marine Centre, where students explore the concept of self and identity through the theme of ‘storytelling'. Unpacking ‘their story' as well as other stories such as ‘being a New Zealander'. Activities include telling their own story, learning other stories from different cultures and identifying what makes us "Kiwi".

7.2: Our second Base day is at school, where we build on identity by exploring personal values. Students have the chance to ‘create a future self' in an auction of character traits and life situations. A specialist youth speaker from Attitude shares with students positive tips on being a good friend in a humourous and impactful way. Activities are designed to help students reflect on the type of person they want to be.

Personal development skills include self-reflection, deep critical thinking and collaboration are the focus of Year 7 Base days.

Year 8: Exploring Good Character

8.1: Our first Base day is spent at Long Bay Regional Park, where students explore moral and ethical decision making as a young person. A wide range of fun, philosophical games that closely mimic real life help student critically reflect on the type of person they want to be. Themes around judging others and being inclusive rather than exclusive are explored. Students work in teams during the day, earning points with their collaboration skills.

8.2: Our second Base day is at school, where we build on character by exploring rights and responsibilities as good citizens. Here we look at the different ways students can be positive the way they interact with others. A specialist youth speaker from Attitude returns, taking a humourous look at being comfortable with who you are and accepting the characteristics you have. Activities are designed to make students reflect on themselves and the type of person they would like to become.

Personal development skills include self reflections, deep critical thinking, problem solving and working collaboratively.

Year 9: Exploring Beliefs

9.1: Our first Base day is at Kristin, whereby we explore what we believe will make us happy. Activities have been created around four key areas; future self, careers, spirituality and service. Students play games and think critically about what aspects of life will lead to a more contented and happier life.

9.2: Our second Base day is a visit to religious places in Auckland including a mosque, temple, cathedral and synagogue. This day provides an opportunity for students to ‘bust some myths' about the many different religions within our communities and to investigate similarities and differences between them. The trip is designed to allow curiosity amongst our students, to ask questions, find answers and have a deeper understanding of the key elements of different belief systems.

Personal development skills include inquiry and investigation, deep critical thinking, reflection.

Year 10: Exploring Adversity and Impact

10.1: Our first Base day is at Kristin, where we explore the theme "that's not fair". Students explore adversity and hardship in different contexts and the attitudes and strategies that allow people to overcome difficult challenges. A range of interactive activities and philosophical discussions allow students to consider their own lives in relation to others.

10.2: Our last Base day at Kristin puts all the years of personal growth and development students have done into practise! Students organise a range of literacy and sports workshops for primary school students in our local communities, Glenfield and Beach Haven. This is about showing good character and making a positive difference. The day is a huge amount of fun for everyone involved.

Personal development skills include organisation, planning, collaboration, leadership as well as empathy and caring.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our Base days and the different activities and planning involved, please don't hesitate to email Rev Rodney Ramsay or email Sarah Wakeford.

ເນດ໋ເຕັດ ພ໋ອດເລັດ

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