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ເນດ໋ເຕັດ ພ໋ອດເລັດ

ເນດ໋ເຕັດ ພ໋ອດເລັດ

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Kristin Dominate the Slopes

Kristin dominated day two of Snowboard Champs with everybody giving their best in difficult conditions. Giving their ultimate best through all white out, rain, snow and gale force winds.

Final results:
Dion Tulloch - 3rd Dual Slalom,
Oliver Whiley - 1st Boardercross, 3rd Slopestyle, and 1st Overall Senior Boy
Juliette Perera - 2nd Slopestyle, 2nd Boardercross and 1st Overall Senior Girl
Girls’ Team 3rd Overall and Boys’ Team 1st Overall
Oliver Whiley with back to back 1st Overall Boy and Boys’ Team back to back with first Overall team.