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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets


Dance is offered as part of the Performing Arts programme at all levels, becoming a full option subject in Year 9 through to NCEA and International Baccalaureate Dance at Year 13. Co-curricular dance activities span the three schools and ensure the continued development of the subject. Dance, both in its academic, and practical contexts, plays a vibrant and highly significant role in the greater life of Kristin culture.

Detailed information on the Dance curriculum is contained in each School's Curriculum Handbook. These can be viewed via the Junior, Middle and Senior School curriculum pages.


Registrations are completed online via our performing arts registration forms.

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Performance Opportunities

Dance in the Dove

An annual showcase of Dance at Kristin, Dance in the Dove features all of the School's official dance groups as well as Dance students. It is held over two nights, usually in Term 3.

Dance - Middle School Boyz Crew

Open to all boys in the Middle School (Year 7-10). No audition required.

Dance Group - Year 7-8

Open to all Year 7-8 Middle School students (boys and girls). No audition required.

Dance Group - Year 9-10

All Year 9-10 Middle School students (boys and girls) are welcome to register for auditions.

Dance Group - Year 11-13

All Year 11-13 Senior School students (boys and girls) are welcome to register for auditions.

Major Productions

The Junior, Middle and Senior School musical productions provide opportunities for students to audition for varied dancing roles.

For all enquiries please email Performing Arts >>

Nested Portlets

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