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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

International Students

The International programme at Kristin offers students superb facilities and courses for both short-term and long-term placements. We welcome students from all around the world, and have new students regularly joining the programme from countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

Short-term students attend for a minimum of one term and a maximum of four terms, while long-term International students enrol for more than one year. One term is approximately ten weeks long and four terms is a full academic year.

Our experienced and skilled International Services team ensure that all International students are well supported to make the most of their overseas experience, and our Homestay Coordinator makes sure that students who are here without their families have a warm and welcoming place to call home during their time in New Zealand. Student committees help new and existing International students to immerse themselves in Kiwi culture, also providing opportunities for the visiting students to share their own customs with the wider student body.

As an IB World School, Kristin enjoys a rich, global culture. Gains in diversity and empathy and the development of a rich international perspective are a wonderful benefit enjoyed by our whole school community.

2017 Term Dates

New Student Orientation: Tuesday 24 January
Term 1: Tuesday 31 January - Friday 7 April
Term 2: Monday 1 May - Friday 30 June
Term 3: Monday 24 July - Friday 29 September
Term 4: Monday 16 October - Thursday 7 December

Short-Term International Placements

Short-term placements offer an opportunity for students to enrol for up to a maximum of one academic year for a study abroad experience. Students have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities such as the outdoor education week in February, surfing and snowsports trips, as well as socials arranged by student committees. Students are generally not entered for NCEA or IB examinations but are eligible for special awards and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Long-Term International Placements

Long-term placements offer a dual pathway for students wishing to ultimately gain a high school qualification in either the NZ NCEA or the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.

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Nested Portlets

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