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Nested Portlets


General Queries

My child registered their device last year and will be using the same device next year - do we need to register again?

If your child has already registered their device, and already knows their network ID number, they do not need to re-register the same device. It is recommended that any software no longer required, is removed from their device in order to free up memory.

My child's device is being replaced – do we need to register again?

If a laptop: Curriculum software will need to be removed by ICTS. As it is necessary for Kristin to be compliant with software regulations, student laptops cannot be sold on with Curriculum software still installed.

If an iPad: Students should notify ICTS to remove their old iPad from the network, and then add their new device.

How many devices can my child register?

Junior students: only 1 device can be registered – this is called their ‘Primary' device.

Year 7-10 students: a secondary device can be registered in addition to their ‘Primary' device (this can be an iPad or phone).

Year 11-13 students: student device registration is unlimited.

What happens if my child's device is broken or faulty?

Since the programme is entirely BYO, you should contact your retail store or manufacturer for details for their repair service. ICTS can assist with guidance only in these matters. Home insurance should be checked in case the device needs to be added to your contents list.

Whilst your device is being repaired off-campus, students are able to borrow an iPad Mini from the library, for a two-week period. By actively using Google Mail and Google Drive, students can access their schoolwork from the iPad Mini.

We cannot attend any of the registration dates – what should we do?

If you already have the device, you are welcome to register the device prior to the end of Term 4.

A further registration slot will be assigned during week 1, during school hours. Following that, support classes will be offered in the first few weeks of Term 1 to assist students to complete the registration process. Unfortunately parents will not be able to attend these term-time classes.

What about Facebook as well as other social media sites during school-time?

Facebook is only applicable to Senior students and is allowed for a short time before and after school. Other social media such as Twitter, spotify etc. are not allowed.

Tablet Specific Queries

Do I need to associate my Credit Card with my child's Apple ID?

No you do not need to associate your credit card with your child's Apple ID. Please review Apple's information on Apple Families.

Can I oversee the maintenance of my child's App installations?

By using Apple Families, you will be notified as and when an App is being installed onto your child's device.

Laptop Specific Queries

What happens if my child's device displays signs of having a virus?

Anti-virus software is compulsory. A trial version is not acceptable. We have a promotional discount for EsetNod32. But alternative Anti-virus software can be used.

If your child's laptop is showing signs of malware or a virus, they should visit ICTS immediately for assistance. Anti-virus software is usually an annual subscription and should be re-newed.

Nested Portlets

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Kristin Alumni Dominate in VBC Competitions

Spotlight on Victoria Business Consulting Club.

At university, learning isn’t restricted to lecture theatres and tutorials; workshops aren’t the only place to refine your skills; and exams will never be the only place to test your knowledge. So much growth and learning happen outside of the University timetable, so deciding to get involved in University clubs and societies can help take your tertiary experience to a new level.

Over recent years, Victoria University in Wellington has been a major destination for Kristin graduates heading into commerce and law, and the Victoria Business Consulting Club (VBC) has been an incubator for many of our young Alumni. Former Head Girl Lucy Josephson (2015) is currently the club’s Communications Officer, and previous executive members include Harrison Medhurst and Sorina Muresan (2013).

This year, a group from the class of 2015 have been dominating the VBC Case Competitions, which require teams of four to analyse a case study and present a strategy to a panel of judges.

The first round of the VBC x Deloitte Internal Case Competition saw Marko Garlick in the 1st-place team and Parker Lyons, Marsanne Jordan and Devon Fisher in 2nd, with help from Anna Chambers who took part on the first day of competition. As a result, Marko, Anna and Marsanne were selected for the VBC Development Squad: a five-week training programme designed to up-skill students interested in consulting in a variety of areas including strategy development, public speaking and how to master a business pitch.

As fate would have it, Lucy Josephson was their coach and her help enabled a fantastic result for the team. Marko and Marsanne were the winning team within the development squad and ‘paid it forward’ by helping out at the second round of the competition in May.

This time around it was the turn of 2015 grads Anna Chambers, Devon Fisher, Parker Lyons and Ben McNicoll to shine, taking out the top spot in the competition.

Whether a pathway in law and commerce in Wellington is on your horizon or you’re looking at something completely different, investing time to understand the clubs, societies and peripheral organisations which are out there can make all the difference in your learning experience. And, if it’s a path that has been walked by Kristin Alumni before you, reach out and join your local network – you never know where your path may lead.