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Frequently Asked Questions

With so much going on around Kristin on a daily basis, it can sometimes be a challenge to put your finger on the right information at the right time. Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions that have been collated to help Kristin parents. If the answer to your question is not listed here please email us and we will point you in the right direction.

How do I join Kristin Family & Friends (KFF)

KFF is our committee for families and friends of the school. We support the School's initiatives in both fundraising and friendraising. Read more about us here.

How can I meet other parents?

Take the time to attend as many meetings as possible, including parent information evenings, KFF events, productions and sports fixtures.

How can I help at school?

In the Junior and Middle Schools, talk to the class teacher about parent help in the classroom. Parents can help on class trips, camps or special events. The KFF facilitate the work of a number of volunteer groups including Reader Writers and Exam Invigilators. Speak to any KFF committee member for more information. Read more about us here.

If I turn up by myself at a school event will I be able to sit with someone?

When sending in your RSVP for any school function, simply let the staff member coordinating the event know you are on your own and they will ensure you have company.

My child is going through a tough spell, who should I talk to?

In the first instance, parents should always speak to the teacher, then the Dean, then the Assistant Principal. Counsellors at the Wellness Centre are also available for support and guidance.

How can I get an urgent message to my child?

Phone the Junior, Middle or Senior School office. The staff there will pass messages on.

How do I find a local Doctor?

An online search will identify a number of health professionals within a 5km radius of the school,
including general practitioners, specialists, dentists, radiographers, chiropractors etc.

How do I find out about where to get on and off the school bus?

Business Services manage the bus system, including stops, tickets and change of routes.
In urban areas, our buses collect and drop off at standard bus stops. In rural areas there may be more flexibility so check with Business Services. Email Ngaire Clayton

How do I find my child's lost property?

Lost Property bins are clearly marked and located in each school and they are emptied regularly. Any property left on buses would be placed in these bins. If items are named then students will receive a message to pick property up from the Retail Shop.

How can I find out about homework?

In the Junior School parents are given a password for myKristin where they can access homework. In the Middle and Senior School, students are encouraged to share this with their parents.

Why is myChild so helpful?

myChild hosts a wealth of information about your child's learning including timetables, assessments, results, attendance, nutriSmart and parent interviews. For assistance with logins Email Robyn Stables

What is FriendConnect?

Listed in myChild, FriendConnect enables members of the Kristin community (including parents, guardians and staff) to search for selected contact details of fellow community members. All information shown has been authorised by the individual in question. You can adjust your own privacy settings by visiting FriendConnect Preferences.

Can I ask to meet the teacher privately?

Yes, of course – simply contact the teacher and ask for an appointment

What is a good activity to start my child in so they can get to know other children?

Involving your child in extra-curricular sport and/or cultural activities is always a good place to start. Information about clubs, sports and performance groups (Music, Drama and Dance) is available on the website. Once friendships start to form, try inviting a new friend home to play.

How can I join my child up to cultural activities?

Contact the staff member in charge of the activity of your choice, you can also register online for Dance, Drama and Music.

What sports clubs exist outside of school?

We are spoilt for choice in the North Harbour region with most sports represented in a significant way. Talk to the Sport Manager or the Sport Department for accurate information. Email the Sports Office.

Where is the Sports office?

It is located on the top floor of the old Gymnasium above International Services.

What sports are available at school?

There is a full list of sports on offer in the Sport Handbook and in the Sport section of our website.

I need information about sports trials, who can help?

Contact the Sport Manager or Sport Department the day before trials if you are unclear of what to do, what is expected or where to go. This information will also be available on the relevant sport page of the website and in the School's weekly newsletter.

How do I find the LIC?

The ‘LIC' is an abbreviation for Library Information Centre which is located inside Gate 1 and next to the Main Administration Building.

Where is the Middle School Atrium?

This is the central foyer area, ground floor in the Middle School Learning Centre

How can my child join up to the Duke of Edinburgh Programme?

Students should talk to Mrs Miliken or go to the Duke of Ed page.

Do students have to bring cash for Mufti Day?

Mufti Day is held to support a charity chosen by the students. Junior and Senior School students are asked to donate a gold coin. Middle School students have paid for this through their activities fee.

What is the dress code for Mufti Day, Formals and the Ball?

Casual clothes can be worn on Mufti Day, however the standard grooming regulations apply.
Deans will specify the dress code for Formals. Balls are formal events, suit and tie and party dresses (long or short).

What is the dress code for Graduation Dinner?

Graduation Dinner is also a formal event, Dinner Suits or jacket and tie for men and party dresses (long or short) for ladies.

Can I get books out of the library?

Yes, parents can borrow books from the Library, just visit one of the Librarians for assistance.

Who should I talk to about a small issue in the classroom?

In the first instance, parents should always speak to the teacher, then the Dean then the Assistant Principal.

Where are local playgrounds?

Each year level has a designated playground, this will be the one closest to the student's homeroom.

Is there a GATE programme in the Junior School?

GATE is covered by the comprehensive extension and enrichment programmes that are offered in the Junior School. Contact Assistant Principal Rob Hutton for more information. Email Rob

What do you do in Performing Arts Wardrobe?

Volunteers help design, sew, repair or catalogue costumes in preparation for productions.

Can I help on school camps?

Not all camps require parent helpers, but indicate your interest with the Dean at the end of the year prior.

Can I help on a class trip?

Not all trips require parent helpers, however any parent can offer to help. Register your interest with the class teacher early.

Are we allowed to come to Assemblies?

Yes, all parents are encouraged to attend Assemblies, Prize-givings or other celebrations.

Why can't we stay to help at Middle School formals?

Formals are a great way to help young people to develop their social skills and sometimes they're more relaxed when you're not about! We're happy to give parents the evening off.

My child needs extra help with maths, where can we get help?

Contact the Maths teacher or the Maths Department for information on after school tuition.

I find NCEA quite confusing and need a clear explanation.

A comprehensive explanation of NCEA can be found on the Ministry of Education website. Please feel free to contact your child's Dean.

What does the term ‘Criteria for Assessment' mean?

Students will receive a set of criteria for each assessment they do. It clearly outlines what they need to cover in their answers in order to pass for example, with Achieved, Merit or Excellence.

What exactly is Theory of Knowledge (TOK)?

It is a thoughtful and purposeful inquiry into different ways of knowing and into different kinds of knowledge. TOK is composed almost entirely of questions. The most central of these is "How do we know?" A comprehensive explanation of TOK can be found on the IB website.

What is the Extended Essay?

This is a component of the IB Diploma; it is a self-directed piece of research culminating in an essay of 4,000 words, which students have approximately three terms to complete. They are given the outline and assigned a supervisor partway through Year 12. The essay is worth 3 IB points. Read more about the Extended Essay on the IB website.

What is CAS?

This is the term given to the service component of the IB Diploma Programme, it stands for Community, Action, Service. Read more about it on the IB website.

Can they start doing their CAS hours now?

CAS and the process for the accurate recording of hours will be explained to students by the IB Coordinator once they begin the Diploma programme.

Am I allowed to use the Chapel?

Parents and families are encouraged to use the Chapel and should contact the Reverend at the Wellness Centre. Email Rev Rodney Ramsay.

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