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GAIL Conference - Isle of Skye

It was our only full day on the Isle of Skye and the GAIL group were keen to spend as much time as possible exploring. We all hopped on the bus, headed to Quiriang, one of Scotland’s most well known walks but not before stopping at Kilt Rock, a famous landmark formed 61 million years ago.

When we arrived at the Quiriang walk, everyone was super excited to see what the rolling green hills and misty mountains would bring to our adventures. Off we went and the view was spectacular. Although it was raining, it dramatised the Scottish scenery of the amazing rock formations, under the cover of low lying clouds. When we reached the top, it felt amazing even though we got "disorientated" and had to spend some time ‘locating’ our path back down the hillslope. In order to keep group morale up, everyone started singing songs and we even practised our ceilidh dancing which put a smile on all our faces.

Soon the sun came out again and we were able to find our way back to the bus while having a few good laughs and sliding down the wet slopes. Everyone was so glad to be back at the hostel for a warm shower and a fresh change of clothes. After wandering around the town of Portree, we met up with the Australian GAIL students from Scotch College and had a lovely dinner with them. It was so nice to be able to catch up with a few of our new friends from the Gail convention. Today was definitely a fun filled day.

By Sally Zhang and Holly Ma

Kristin School GAIL Conference