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Community Project

As the culmination of the MYP, students are expected to complete a Community Project. This is a major piece of work in a subject of their choice, completed under the close guidance of a supervising teacher. This is a rewarding opportunity for Year 10 students to undertake a service and action project that inspires them, demonstrates their abilities as good learners, and facilitates social responsibility. The Community Project offers students the opportunity to collaborate, if they choose, to complete their inquiry and service with one or two other students.

The process, expectations and requirements of the Community Projects are presented to students through regular workshops, although this significant project is essentially extra-curricular and is completed during students' own time. Each year the Community Project resource is published as a complete online guide for students and their parents. An information evening is also held in Term 1 for parents of Year 10 students. The common theme is that the Community Project has intrinsic worth that will benefit the student and/or others and is a project approached through one of the MYP's Global Contexts. The projects culminate with a presentation to an audience of peers, teachers and parents.

Parents are most welcome to discuss any queries about the Community Project with the Community Project Co-ordinator.

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Helen Mansfield
Community Project Co-ordinator
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+64 9 415 9566 Ext 2455

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