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Tim Sonderer Water Polo Tournament

The annual Tim Sonderer Water Polo tournament took place this last weekend at Sacred Heart College Aquatic Centre. Our AIMS team took to the pool to compete in the A grade of this tournament and they played six games over the course of the weekend. In our pool games we played against Balmoral Intermediate, Sacred Heart College, Diocesan, and Glen Eden Intermediate. The games were all tough and physical and were played in a full size pool with a 30 second shot clock running. It was an excellent experience for our team to compete against the best intermediate school teams in Auckland. We came away with one exciting win in the pool rounds against Glen Eden Intermediate, when in the last seconds of the game at 6-6 Finn Dowling shot a last minute goal attempt which went in to secure the game 7-6 for Kristin! This win put our team in the 5th-8th place semi-finals and we played two more games to take 8th place out of 10 teams in the A grade overall after a narrow loss to Balmoral Intermediate 4-3.

With every game the team played you could see the improvement of our players who competed with determination and focus. The team represented Kristin well and displayed sportsmanship and teamwork and they should all be proud of their efforts. The tournament has been a very good warm up for the AIMS team who are leaving this Sunday.  Thank you to Jono Houzet who did an amazing job of coaching the players. Thank you also to all of the parents and families of the players who transported the players all weekend over to Sacred Heart College and supported our team.