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Super similes

The Year 1 students have been studying writing techniques used by children’s author Mem Fox. 1C learnt that Mem Fox uses similes to help develop a picture of the book’s characters in the reader’s mind. 1C students now use similes in their own writing, and have selected their best similes to share:

My piano teacher is as beautiful as a butterfly – Scarlett
I felt as sad as a polar bear with ice in his eyes – Conor
I can run as fast as a cheetah - Xander
My helmet is as tight as a knot – Gloria
The pizza was as yummy as a cake – Renee
The blood from my tooth was as red as paint – Ruby
My brother was as loud as a train – Mateo
My breakfast was as good as a bowl of ice cream – Emma
I ran as fast as a rocket – Hao Hao
The zoo will be as fun as going to Australia – Chloe
My mum gave me a cookie as small as a mouse – Harry
They were as silly as a clown – Ethan
The sushi spins like a fidget spinner at the Sushi Train – Orca
My mum will be as mad as a monster – Alissa
The robot is as dead as a squashed worm – Joshua
I am going to shoot as fast as a rocket – Cooper
The LOL doll was as cute as a kitten – Annabel