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Preparing for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and may put you in danger. New Zealand has a high possibility of encountering volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and even landslides! The knowledge of escaping from a natural disaster can save you and your family’s life. Well, that’s as much as much as the Year 7 knew until St John came to speak to us on Thursday!

On October 19th, all of the Year 7 students learned how to prepare for a natural disaster via an interactive session delivered by St. John’s. The key takeaways are as following, arranging first aid kits, which include canned food, water, tents, torch, rubbish bags, radio, batteries, and games! (Yes, games! Keeping yourself relaxed and distracted from the gloomy situation.) Second, inform your parents immediately by phoning or texting in case the telephone lines are busy. Last but not least, keep calm. At the end of the session, we started some inquiry tasks, that we will now be able to complete in class over the coming weeks. Our group started to brainstorm a letter to the Principal to raise the importance for every child to master the knowledge of disaster preparation.

I will prepare a kit over the bank holiday now I know it could save my life, although I never wish to use it. Most of all, we all thoroughly enjoyed the class and were really grateful to St. John’s.

By Olivia Peng