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North Harbour Schools Gymnastics Competition

North Harbour Gymnastics hosted their annual school’s competition for students in Years 1-6 at the North Shore Events Centre from 1-2 November.

The ongoing success of our Friday Kristin Gymnastics Club saw 17 students register for the school’s competition, no easy feat given that the event had a record number of entries - over 500!

Our team competed in a range of floor and apparatus disciplines. This was the first time that Kristin has formally entered a team at this event and all athletes came away having gained valuable experience and confidence for future events. A special mention to Lexi Freeman (Y3) placing third on the Bars and fifth All Round in the Years 3/4B competition.

The effort, focus, team support and general behaviour of the Kristin team at the event was impeccable. Not only did our team support one another but they also clapped and recognised the efforts of athletes from other schools, this truly is in the Kristin spirit and I felt immensely proud of them all.
The team was:

YEAR 2: Natasha Burrows, Tamarah Messervy, Lucy Jack, Nikol Sudareva, Joanne Park
YEAR 3: Romy Jiang, Lexi Freeman, Chloe Loughton, Imogen Linton, Euni Lee
YEAR 4: Emma Jack, Willamena Holdsworth
YEAR 5: Emily Luo, Madeleine Loughton, Bronwyn Feather, Lucy Dai, Ivy Wu