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Beágyazott portletek

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Ladakh Experience - Trekking

I heard briefly from my one of my staff yesterday while the Kristin School group was hiking up the flanks of 6,000m Stok Kang Ri. They reached an altitude of about 5,000m which afforded them not only spectacular views of the Himalaya & Karakorum mountain ranges, but also a line of sight connection with the mobile phone towers in the Indus Valley. All students and staff are well and were taking part in the climb. The weather is clear & hot during the day with crystal clear nights which make possible spectacular views of the stars & planets. The objective today is crossing the Matho La pass at an altitude of 5,100m and then they will descend into the Matho River Valley which is a similar altitude of the Indus valley. All is well.

Bill Kite - Tour Leader

Please note photos not available due to no internet where the students are.