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Ladakh Experience - Honoured Guests

The students and staff of the Kristin School Ladakh expedition enjoyed a new and unprecedented social adventure this morning. A gracious invitation was extended by the Islamia School for the Kristin School group to come to their campus and be welcomed as honored guests at their morning assembly. The principal, Madam Kapoor gathered her entire student body of 450 to welcome the Kristin School students and Mr Churches then made a generous donation to the school to enable them to purchase new sports equipment. After the assembly the Kristin students went into the classrooms and shared conversations with the local students for about an hour and then there was spirited competition between the two schools in a soccer match with the boys and volleyball with the girls. Dr Marie, Dr Davide and Dr Pilar of our dental clinic also came along and conducted oral health classes for the younger children of the school. We will return with a full dental/vision screening team in early August when the Islamia School returns to session from the two week summer holiday that begins tomorrow. It was a mutually beneficial and enlightening experience for students and staff from both schools and once again testified to the enormous common and harmonious ground that is shared by people of every walk of life and tradition. I've attached a photo of the group during the assembly.

The Kristin students have now left for the main market center of Leh to engage in some serious retail therapy for the afternoon. They will return in the late afternoon and start packing for the early departure to the airport tomorrow morning.

Bill Kite - Tour Leader