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Ugnježđeni portleti

Video Downloads

2017 Middle School Prizegiving

2017 Year 9 Outdoor Education Olympics

Junior School Year 4-6 Prizegiving 2017

Junior School Year 4-6 Prizegiving 2017

Junior School Year 0-3 Prizegiving 2017

Junior School Sports and Cultural Awards 2017

Junior School Christmas Assembly 2017

Senior School Prizegiving 2017


Odyssey 21

Senior School Leadership Assembly - Term 3 2017


Many of the events, performances and important assemblies held at Kristin are recorded live so that our wider school community can share in our most significant occasions.

Once edited, many of these videos are made available for families to download. Simply follow the link below to view and download videos from past events.

Video Downloads >>

Please note, some performances can not be recorded or shared due to copyright restrictions.

DVD or Blu Ray copies are available to order for a fee of $20, to purchase a copy please email Ian.

Kristin Livestream

A growing number of events are also broadcast live via the Kristin livestream so family members across the globe can share in these significant occasions.

Ugnježđeni portleti

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