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Ugnježđeni portleti

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Spotlight on the Class of 2016 - Rebekah Dangerfield

Attended Kristin: Year 9-Year 13.

Next Step: Bachelor of Social Work (Child Protection and Youth Justice), University of Auckland.

Why did you choose this pathway?

I chose this pathway because I will be in a position where I can help vulnerable individuals to reach their full potential and to advocate for their needs. This career is very draining and every day does come with new challenges but positive outcomes and knowing that a difference or justice has been made for a person and/ or their family will be very rewarding.

What do you look forward to in the years ahead?

I look forward to learning about new theories and topics for every lecture as I have passion for cultivated learning and the variety of things that are discussed in our lectures is very fascinating.

What are five adjectives you'd use to describe your experience so far?

Zealous, social, nocturnal, studious, eager.

How has Kristin helped you? What is the most meaningful thing you took away from your time here?

Kristin has given me preparation for keeping up a strong work ethic at tertiary level and the most meaningful thing I took away from my time at school is to have that important balance between work and life.


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