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Ugnježđeni portleti

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Spotlight on the Class of 2016 - Fraser Cotterill

Attended Kristin: Year 7-Year 13.

Next Step: BCom/LLB at University of Victoria, Wellington.

Why did you choose this pathway?

I had decided a while back that I wanted to study business at university after school subjects sparked my interest. I decided to couple the BCom programme with a Law Degree, because my Dad had told me it would look good for future employers, and the fact that I’d make a half decent Harvey Specter from Suits.

What do you look forward to in the years ahead?

I am based in Capital Hall, located in the Wellington CBD. It is an awesome place to live and I’ve made a bunch of new mates from all around the country. Next year, I look forward to flatting, and in the long-term I hope to participate in an exchange to UCLA, and completing my degree before looking into a post graduate degree in the US.

How has Kristin helped you? What is the most meaningful thing you took away from your time here?

I feel as though school helped me prepare for this next stage of study, in terms of getting into good work habits and making the most of the opportunities you are presented with. I loved my time at Kristin, and the friends made and memories will last a lifetime.


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