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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:


  • Emily Logue for her creative simile writing
  • Yolanda Shen for being a focused learner and a great role model in Chinese
  • Victoria Xin for being a responsible and principled class member
  • Ishaan Bahl for being a great communicator and a positive role model in class
  • Marlene Janke for her enthusiasm and effort in learning Chinese
  • Ella Yang for being principled and knowledgeable in all areas of the curriculum
  • Natalie Kwok for making connections between learning about clay and creating your own sculpture
  • Beatrix Liang for growing in independence and working towards goals in Writing
  • Michael Yan for challenging yourself to overcome mistakes and take risks
  • Dominic Barton for being a thinker and writing amazing stories using descriptive language
  • Simar Sapra for being a mature, principled and caring class member
  • Rebecca Yan for an informative and interesting recount of Year 3 camp
  • Jerry Zhao for being openminded and reflective when trying Maths strategies
  • Eline Feng for her positive outlook and caring attitude
  • Patrick Jiang for his positive attitude and great work habits
  • Emma Coleman for her hard work and commitment in all subject areas. Your work is always of a high standard
  • Finn Holdsworth for his outstanding work in Writing. Your writing is informative and well presented
  • Samuel Chua for demonstrating a positive attitude and outstanding work ethic in class
  • Holly Mackay for a positive attitude and excellent self-management skills at camp
  • Tiffany Li for being courageous on the Year 4 camp
  • Takuma Nonaka for your positive attitude and enthusiasm towards your learning
  • Lexie Freeman for being a caring and principled 4B class member
  • Torrin Williams for being a caring and principled year 4 camper
  • Jake Bryham for being an engaged learner, focusing on the task at hand and always doing your best
  • Cathy Fang for showing empathy towards others and working hard to remain focused in class
  • Jessica He for fantastic independence and focus on all class tasks
  • Keen Leung for awesome originality and creativity developing emotion poems
  • Bianca Lee for being a diligent learner and dedicated singer when improving her singing techniques in lessons and choir sessions
  • Eric Yan for his independence, intuition and commitment towards the organisation of the classroom
  • Candy Zhong for her enthusiastic personality and the caring attitude she has towards all class members
  • Mina Zhang for being a thoughtful, focused and positive learner who always gives 100%
  • Bowen Zheng for being a caring and considerate member of 6Q. You demonstrate wonderful empathy and kindness towards others
  • Misa Masamura for striving for excellence in all classroom activities
  • Rachel Tran for being a courageous communicator and diligent thinker in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Sophie Yiasoumi for thinking carefully about Inquiry activities and sharing her ideas clearly
  • Selena Chen for always acting with both integrity and honesty within, and outside of the classroom, and showing respect at all times
  • Harrison Sutherland for using critical and creative thinking skills whilst brainstorming ideas for our new Inquiry unit 'Systems'