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नेसटेड पोर्ट्लेट्स

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Slow down around school!

by Kathryn Hithcings

Slow down around School!

On Tuesday 7 August, the Year 7/8 Travelwise Leaders and Yvette from Auckland Transport went outside the Kristin Gate to remind road users that we are back to school for Term 3. She brought placards with the message, “Slow down around our school!” We had 312 positive engagements from the drivers, such as big smiles, thumbs up, waves and toots.

As well as the placards, we also got to use the speed guns. We all really enjoyed this activity and could record the speed of cars come down Albany Highway. Our purpose for doing this was to record data and also for road users to be aware of how fast some were driving. A good reminder for all that it isn’t just cars to use the road. Many drivers slowed down as soon as they saw us outside the school. We then went back into the classroom to analyse our data. It is great that 73% of the drivers weren’t speeding past our school.

When going out on the road and reminding drivers to slow down to keep students and our community safe, we all felt really good and we felt like we were helping our community. We made a difference as the drivers not only saw our signs but also slowed down. We were disappointed to see the number of people on their phones while driving but we were happy with all the positive waves and smiles we were getting.