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नेसटेड पोर्ट्लेट्स

नेसटेड पोर्ट्लेट्स

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Gold For Foil Fencing Team

The 2018 Secondary School Regional Team event was held at Massey High School on Saturday the 18th August. This is the first time in New Zealand Fencing history Kristin School have won the Gold medal in Mixed Foil event against Auckland Grammar Boys ( 43-40), who have been winning this event for the past 10 years.


Sally Zhang,( C) Cameron Grimwade, Anriena Zen and Olivia Roberts worked really hard to achieve this amazing result. Our second and third Kristin teams also performed remarkably well, no doubt we are ready for the next year challenges once our Year 13's graduate.


Congratulations to you all!

The end of this competition brings us one step closer to the end of the season, but thankfully there is still one more competition! Let's get hyped for another great finish for all of us at New Zealand Secondary School Nationals on Tournament week, individually and as a team! LOVE THE DOVE!