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नेसटेड पोर्ट्लेट्स

नेसटेड पोर्ट्लेट्स

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6Q's Productive Start

6Q have had a busy and productive start to the new school year. We have discussed what makes a positive learning environment and formed a Class Treaty, chosen personal goals for ourselves, created psychedelic self-portraits and participated in activities to get to know each other better.

We have also been challenged to work effectively in teams to create a basket that can catch and protect an egg from a 1 metre high drop.

Now that we are in Year 6 we are very aware of our responsibility as role models for the rest of the Junior School, so many of us have been courageous and tried out for new leadership roles this year such as House Captains, Wet Day Monitors and Chapel Committee.

We are excited about our year ahead and especially looking forward to camp, the Exhibition and the Beijing Trip.