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Bike Safety Training

The Year 7s arrived at school to a trailer full of bikes, this meant we were going to have the opportunity to learn about bike safety and for some, how to ride a bike. We were all eager to ride the bikes, but first we had to learn some important information. The team taught us about what clothing is best to wear while riding and the legal requirements of wearing a helmet when on the roads. We then learnt how to safely check our helmet as well as the importance of checking our brakes, tyres, wheels and reflectors before riding. We went outside and put our newly learnt knowledge to the test. After putting on our helmets and checking the bikes, we were ready to ride. While some of us learnt how to cycle, others completed obstacles and were taught about the safe way to ride on the roads. We are grateful to have had this opportunity and all took something away from it.

By Caitlin Sly