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Science in Year 4

A couple of weeks ago all of Year 4 went across in classes to the Middle School Science Labs to take part in four experiments connected to their Inquiry into Energy.

Some lovely Year 9 students assisted Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Loughton guiding the children through the experiments.

As the photographs show, the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, feeling very grown up as not only were they in the Middle School Science Labs, they also had to wear the protective glasses!

The four experiments were
• making an electroscope-an instrument for detecting electricity
• making an electromagnet-making a magnet using electricity
• making a speaker-turning electricity into sound and making the sound louder
• electroplating-splitting metal and non-metal and using the metal to coat something

The children had to follow the instructions to construct each experiment, predict what they think might happen, record what actually happened, answer the question, ‘Why?’ and then state what type of energy it was being used.

The four types of Energy were: Static, Magnetic, Chemical and Sound.

Quite a few of the children have now decided that they would like to become scientists!