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Poets Eyes

3S have been exploring Poetry by ‘looking at everyday objects with Poets’ Eyes’.
We have learned how poets see the world in fresh, different and unusual ways.
We created our own Tiny Topics Notebooks and used them to record our ideas. We searched around our classroom and then the surrounding environment.
We were amazed where poems are hiding!

New Plant by Patrick
Inside the new plant
Lives a land full of
Green grass
And a hoard of

Rubbish World by Claire
In the rubbish bin
Lives a Rubbish World!
It has a crack, crack, crackling sound!
In it…
It has lots of colourful things
It is a world like a rainbow.

The Art Table by Lily
The Art Table is
The pens and pencils
And dance
They’re nice,
They’re pretty,
Everyone shares the Art Table.